Decision Timescale Indicator

​​​This online tool will ask you a number of questions about you and about your application. It will then use your answers to estimate how long it will take us to process your application. It will do this by looking at the average time taken for us to process applications like yours over the previous six months.

The timescale suggested by this online tool is an estimate. It is based on real data and is as accurate as we can make it, but it is not a guaranteed timeframe. The actual time taken to process your application may be longer or shorter than the estimate provided here. YOU can make a big difference to the time it takes to process your application by sending any information we ask for as soon as possible.

Our Decision Timescale Indicator does not perform any checks against any other systems: all it 'knows' is the information you give it today. If the answers you provide are not an accurate reflection of your circumstances then the estimated timescale provided by this tool will be inaccurate as a result.